A single certificate for a single European Market


The Heat Pump KEYMARK is a voluntary, independent, European certification mark (ISO type 5 certification) for all heat pumps, air/air heat pumps (covered under Lot 10), combination heat pumps and hot water heaters (as covered by Ecodesign, EU Regulation 813/2013 and 814/2013). 

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A manufacturer or distributor who wishes to obtain a KEYMARK licence, shall submit an application to the empowered certification body of its choice. The certification body will provide application documents and details related to testing, inspection and assessment procedures as well as certification costs. Testing can be performed in any of the testing laboratories cooperating with the empowered certification bodies. 


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Great success of HP Keymark in 2017 and even bigger growth expected in 2018

In 2017 the number of CEN Heat Pump KEYMARK certified products dynamically increased. Our report on the KEYMARK certificates granted over the past year shows how the HP KEYMARK...

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French government paves the way for the use of KEYMARK

French government paves the way for the use of KEYMARK certified seasonal performance data in calculating the performance values for heat pumps under the current building...

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Marking heat pump quality in Europe just got easier

CEN HEAT PUMP KEYMARK introduced in the market Product certification based on European standards is available via the CEN KEYMARK system since 1992. 1 has just up the number of...

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