The Heat Pump KEYMARK is a voluntary, independent, European certification mark (ISO type 5 certification) for all heat pumps, combination heat pumps and hot water heaters (as covered by Ecodesign, EU Regulation 813/2013 and 814/2013).

It is based on independent, thirdparty testing and demonstrates compliance with product requirements as set in the Heat Pump KEYMARK scheme rules and with efficiency requirements as set by Ecodesign Lot 1 and Lot 2.

The Heat Pump KEYMARK scheme is owned by the European Committee for standardization (CEN). The certificates are granted by independent certification bodies to products fulfilling all requirements of the scheme.

The scheme is open to all certification bodies in Europe. Manufacturers interested in obtaining the certification should apply with one of the certification bodies listed here.

The CEN Heat Pump Keymark flyer is available here.


In order to facilitate a smooth introduction of the Heat Pump KEYMARK (HP KEYMARK) into the European market, the following transition rules shall apply for applications filed for the HP KEYMARK until of 31-03-2018 for air to air heat pumps, and of 30-09-2017 for all other technologies. For more information please click here.